The Two Most Powerful Emails You Will Ever Send

Welcome and Thank-you emails go out right before and right after a guest’s stay. They create a cozy, email-sandwich with the really delicious experience (the actual stay) in the middle. These emails are vital for your business to serve your guest and develop loyalty. If you don’t already send Welcome and Thank-you emails, here are 4 reasons why you should: 1. It's expected. The most basic courtesies in any industry are greetings and appreciation. When you send a welcome email, you’re helping your customer feel like they belong. They get excited about their stay because you’ve set the expectation that they will be treated well. After they leave, they want to be appreciated for their business. A guest who doesn’t feel welcome or appreciated isn’t likely to return. It’s as simple as that. 2. Increase your reservations. The branding opportunity of welcome and thank-you emails is invaluable. When your customers see your name pop up in their inbox and then they open the email to see your logo and property, you instantly stand out. A visitor who stayed with you probably won’t recommend their friends should visit if they can’t even remember the name of the property. The more your name is brought to their attention, the more likely they will remember and return and refer.
3. It's easy marketing.
Every email you send out should include links to your social media channels and your newsletters. Never be afraid to ask guests to subscribe or follow you on Facebook. The worst that can happen is they won’t do it. No big deal. But what if you had a customer who wanted to leave a review about their stay, and they could not find the link anywhere…. Oops. 4. Share critical information. An informed guest is a happy guest. Or at least they aren’t lost. Every out-of-town guest is forever grateful when they have a welcome email including directions on how to arrive without endless u-turns. Reminding guests about your policies helps you as the innkeeper, so guests don’t arrive saying they never knew they couldn’t bring Fido. Thank you emails including details on specials or events will always be great to secure a return visit.
Now that you know “WHY” you should send out welcome and thank-you emails, the next questions is “HOW?”. ResNexus has the simplest solution to make all your emails completely automated. We are so excited to announce that our Marketing Emails have received a facelift. Our Welcome and Thank-you emails now look even better in Series 2. If you haven’t already done so, go into your Professional Marketing tools and update your Welcome and Thank-you emails. If you’d like help customizing them, feel free to give us a call.
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