Haunted Happenings are Helpful

Do your guests ever hear creaking floorboards or rustling noises at night? Do shadows in your hallways shift and move? Do strange mists float across your property at dusk? Your property might be haunted. But don’t let this frighten you out of making the most of this spooky season. Ghosts and hauntings, real or fabricated, can bring new guests and income during the autumn holiday. In recent years there has been an increased interest in properties that are haunted. What was once seen as a negative selling point can now increase your business. Hotels that have added ghost tours and specials have seen greater profitability, the Stanley Hotel in Colorado made over $1 million in 2012 just from their ghost tours. How Can I Tell If My Property is Haunted? Some of the most obvious indicators of hauntings and spirits are things like unexplained sounds and smells, objects that move places overnight, or strange shadows. So is your property haunted? Look around, but generally, most properties that are haunted have known about it for a while. Strange event or history of the area such as deaths or "Indian Burial Grounds" might be well known. Stories and legends may have been passed down by spooked guests and staff. All of these evidences might be real, or they might just be imagined. Can I Pretend? Even if your property isn’t “officially” haunted like some of these vacation destinations, who says you can’t fabricate some ghosts and spooks? Your guests might never know the difference. One of the most successful ways if to have a haunted tour. Set aside a room or section of your property for a guided tour. Tell guests a spooky story, real or made up, about what “happened” in that room. Their imaginations will do the rest. You could even have a section of your garden with eerie trees or some abandoned, rusty items. If you don’t want to go this far, you can always just host a fun Halloween event, like a costume party or simply add some festive decorations around your property. 
Marketing Your Haunted Property Now that you’ve discovered your property’s ties to the other side, it’s time to begin marketing and selling your hauntings. Offer special “Haunted Packages” on your ResNexus sidebars. These specials could include the nights stay, plus a ghost tour and some spooky treats. Having a "Gouls Night" might be a special or package you could market to women looking for a fun weekend retreat including spa time and dinner. Send out a newsletter or email to your guests informing them of family-friendly events in your area for little monsters and munchkins. Include your property as a must-visit trick-or-treat stop. The possibilities are scarily endless!   A very important item to note: the most successful properties don’t rely on hauntings to bring in the majority of their business. They rely on your typical customers who are staying with you because of your location, great breakfast, and beautiful property. Use hauntings as a boost, but not as your bread and butter. Marketing starts with getting the word out. Some owners have chosen to hide and avoid the fact that their property may be haunted. Now is the time to accept it, be open to sharing stories and telling people about it.
It would also be a good idea to sign up with some haunted hospitality websites such as hauntedrooms.com which will allow people to find you quickly. Now sit back and let your ghosts do the work. Halloween is a good time to start your ghostly business, but if it’s done right it can lead to more bookings and income all year long. Happy hauntings!
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