How to Create Quality Images of your Property

There is an oft quoted statement, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is true in any industry, but it’s especially applicable to the hospitality industry. The images you place on your website are very important. It’s a glimpse for your guest into the experience they can expect when visiting you. It’s essential for you to have great, high quality images. Trivago has an acronym to help make sure your photos are the best they can be: C.L.E.A.R. Following the CLEAR acronym below will not only improve the photos on your website, but anywhere else you promote your business, such as social media. Clear:  The first step is one of the easiest. Make sure the room is clean and tidy before you photograph. Look around and make sure the photo doesn’t have cords, trash bins or promotional items in view. Do your best to make sure the room appears crisp and unused. If you’d like to prevent a frequent need for updated images, avoid showing technology in your photos. Things such as computers, phones and cars are easily outdated with the modern pace of technology, so try to leave them out. Light: Lighting is one of the most important factors in photography. Having correct lighting in your photos can change the entire feel of a room. Making your room look as warm, peaceful and inviting as possible will help the photo appeal to your guests. Use as much natural light as possible. Artificial light can often cast blue or orange hues over a room. Take photos of your room when there is an optimal amount of natural light available. When shooting the outside of your property, the best lighting is available during what is known as “the golden hour”. This time-frame is shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. The golden hour is often a good time to take interior photos as well. For a how-to-guide on using light to improve your room photos please watch this video. Editing: This is an important and often overlooked step. Editing a photo is an easy way to improve it. Use tools to help sharpen blurry photos, correct colors and even change the lighting. You don’t need to own expensive editing software like Photoshop, there are numerous free online programs such as Pixlr Editor that help make it easier. Note: Be careful that you don’t over-edit. Small changes are the most effective. Remember, you want to keep the image as authentic and accurate as possible. So try to avoid the fancy filters. Angle: Note: One of the most difficult parts of photographing a room is making sure the room size appears accurate. To avoid this, use a wide angle lense to gain space and try to take the photo through a doorway. Note: When preparing to shoot a room, think about what you want to highlight about the space. Is it the large bed? The balcony and view? You control what the viewer is going to see. Don’t just take one shot and be done. Try different angles or focuses. Also, don’t be afraid to crop the photo a bit to make it better. Resolution: The last and easiest part is resolution. Resolution refers to the size of the image, and in the hospitality industry the bigger the photo, the better. It doesn’t matter how good of a photo you take if it ends up being the size of a postage stamp. Booking engines that don’t provide large photos are missing out. Most newer cameras (including smartphones) are good enough to take high resolution photos. Trivago recommends having a 2,000 pixel minimum when uploading images to your website. This allows images to be crisp and clear when they’re displayed. Unless you’re a professional photographer, there’s a good chance your photos could use a facelift. You don’t need expensive gear and software to take good photos. Follow these tips and don’t be afraid to experiment. With practice you should see your properties photos begin to shine.
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