The Travels of the Red Chair

Imagine for a moment that you’re a traveling celebrity. You get to stay at the best Bed and Breakfasts around and you’re always treated like a best friend. For the Red Chair this is a reality. Since 2012 this little chair has toured both the United States and Canada, documenting everything it’s seen along the way. The Chair was originally found at a dump and lived a fairly normal life at the Woods Hole Inn, until a photo of it went viral in 2011. Soon afterwards, the Chair began journeying around Cape Cod taking photos all along the way. This journey expanded to encompass the entire country.
The Chair has been hosted on TV, visited Broadway, and done many activities many people could only dream of. Now, five years later, the Chair still continues its journey to visit all the Bed and Breakfasts it can. To learn more about the Red Chair visit its Facebook page and blog.
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