How To Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Business

They say the only thing constant—is change. Trends come and go. There is always a new fad. What was popular 10 years ago is old and tired. For example, big hair and leisure suits will probably stay in the thrift shops for a little while longer. However, one trend that seems to be staying for a while is Social Media, especially Facebook. Did you know that over half of all American’s use Facebook, 70% of whom log in daily? In addition, over a quarter of online referral traffic comes from Facebook. In some regards, this makes Facebook a better business tool than Google. What does this mean for you? It means if you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on potential traffic to your website! At times, keeping up with social media and Facebook may seem daunting, especially if you’re not used to it. However by looking at Facebook as a tool to help you achieve your goals can turn it from a monster into something manageable. If you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s really easy to set up. All you need is an email and a password. Once you create a personal profile, you then create a page for your property. This is very simple to do. On the main screen after logging into your account, click on the icon that says “Pages” on the left side of the screen. On the top of the page, it will say, “Create Page.” Then you can select the type of page you want to create. Whether you choose “Local Business or Place” or a “Company, Organization or Institution,” is up to you. After selecting your page type, enter the details about your property, click “Get Started” and you’re off to the races. RN Logo Carpet Background.jpgNext, you’ll add a Profile Picture. This picture needs to represent you as a company. This will be what people on Facebook see when looking at your posts and your page. Many times, companies will put their logo as their profile picture. At ResNexus, we use our logo as the profile picture. Go check it out! All you have to do to update this picture is to click on the box on the left side with the camera and select “Upload Photo.” Once you’ve selected a photo, you can crop it to make it fit in the square. Keep in mind, if the picture is too small, Facebook won’t accept it.
RN Logo Carpet Background.jpgOne important tip on the Profile Picture: Don’t make it too busy. Profile pictures get very small, especially on smart devices like iPhones and tablets. Make it simple enough that even when it is small it will still be clear enough to recognize. See the smaller version of the ResNexus Profile Picture—still recognizable even at this size.
Here’s a quick sizing guide to make sure your pictures are at the best resolution. Updating the Cover Photo is just as simple as updating the Profile Picture. Cover photos can be bigger and tell more of a story. Many times, this will be a beautiful picture of your property showing its best side. Keep in mind, this picture is the first thing someone sees when they click onto your page. This is your Welcome mat. Make it appealing and inviting. Once you verify all of your information and have your Profile Picture and Cover Photo ready, the fun starts. Now you can begin to publish posts, share photos and videos, create events, advertise, and create offers. Do what is comfortable for you and what is feasible for your property. If you need help, Facebook offers help on Getting Started in their Help Center
The following links will direct you to specific locations within the Help Center for further information:
Create and Manage a Page
Page Roles Customization Publishing Messaging Insights Banning and Moderation Once you have your Facebook page set up, it doesn’t have to be a monumental task to keep up with it. Simply set a specific day of the week and time when you post. After that, occasionally allow for times to do spur of the moment posts. Update your guests and customers with posts about your property. Post photos about things going on around the area. Create an event to promote your property as well as a local event. Things like the Fourth of July, Memorial Day Weekend, or other holidays are great promotional tools. You can post an update to show your customers what you and your other guests are doing. Social Network.jpg Facebook is about being seen. It creates, at the very least, a free billboard people can come to to see what is going on at your property. For loyal guests it reminds them of when they stayed with you and helps spread word of mouth referrals. Facebook drives traffic to you and helps you to connect with your guests as well as other property owners and providers. Pages like ResNexus, with blog posts, can be useful tools in gaining industry education and knowledge. Build your Facebook presence and see the fruits from it. People will begin  to find you, like your page, and start following you. They can even leave your business . A great way to get things rolling is to, invite your friends to like your page. Once they do they will see your posts and begin to come back again and again as long as you keep your posts interesting and fresh. In time, this long tail marketing approach can help your business increase in reservations.
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