Market Trend: Luxury Camping and the Great Outdoors

One of the biggest trends hitting the hospitality industry is a cross between the classy luxury of the Ritz and the rugged outdoors of hoofing it in the forest— known as glamping. Modern glamping is similar to the accommodations of bygone kings and queens when not in their castles. Spacious tents, luxurious beds, even electricity, WiFi, and showers can all be found at glamping sites.

Glamorous camping has become a popular alternative to traditional hotels or campsites because it combines the best of both worlds—creature comforts with the great outdoors. With its various types of stays, from barns and villas to teepees and treehouses, the “glamper” can choose his or her preference and level of comfort.

Modern glamping sites generally fall into five distinct categories.
1) Franchises Where the proprietor has land and buys into one of the existing brands.
2) Bed & Breakfast style Where the proprietor has one or two units as additional income on their land.
3) Diversified campsitesFamily owned sites which also provide glamping.
4) Large corporate holiday parks That also provide glamping
5) Dedicated glamping sites

Though individual sites differ, the average glamping site charges anywhere from $50 to $250 per night. Some sites allow for “bring your own” while others have tents, cabins, or yurt-style tents already set up, each with their own luxuries.

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