How to add local events to your ResNexus Grid

Yesterday we talked about the importance of using local events as a way to reach out to customers. The focus of this short article will be on how to use the ResNexus grid to highlight your upcoming events. First, this short video will help show you how to add and change holidays and events on your calendar.
Since the holidays show up as a different color on the grid, we will use this feature for our events as well. In the Holidays/Events setting add all the events you wish to highlight that year. Once you’re done, remember to hit ‘Save.’  Next step is to take a look at the grid. It should have the events colored as a holiday (see picture below). In this case we’re using the upcoming solar eclipse as our event. Highlighted holidays or events help you see what’s coming up so you can either prepare for the extra guests or get a Special/Package ready.   Now that you know you can use the ResNexus grid to keep track of events, follow this link to learn more about how ResNexus can bring you more reservations
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