Adding a "Book Now" Button to Your Facebook Page

One quick and easy way to use Facebook to increase reservations is by adding a “Book Now” button to your Facebook page. This button can link to either your website or your online booking engine, making Facebook just as important as any other Online Travel Agency such, Expedia or a search engine. To create the Book Now button, go to your business’s Facebook page. Just below the Cover Photo, you will see the "Add a Button" button:
Special Note:If you have already added a button on Facebook, such as “Send Message” or “Learn More”, instead of an “Add Button” icon, you will see a “Send Message” button. When you click on this button, a menu will appear that includes an option to change the button type.
Once you click on this button, a box will pop up with different options, the first being “Book Services.” When you click on “Book Services” a dropdown list will appear. Click “Book Now” and it will have you enter the address of your booking engine. This will connect your Facebook page directly to your booking engine, making it easier for your followers to create a reservation while scrolling through their news feeds. Once you have connected your online booking engine to your Facebook page, it will look like this:
ResNexus also offers Business Professional Services that helps subscribers utilize the different features of the ResNexus program. These specialists can also help teach you the process of setting up Facebook options to promote your business and help you succeed.
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  1. Can a Book Now button be added to individual events?

    1. The Book Now button is only available for pages, not for events.


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